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Engaging 360 Virtual Tours, Google Maps Street View FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any ongoing costs?

No, there are no ongoing costs at all, just a one off payment. We will take the photographs, create and upload your virtual tour to Google.

Where will my virtual tour be visible?

Your virtual tour will be visible on Google Search, Google Maps, Google Local page and we will provide the code so that it can be embedded on your own website and Facebook page.

Do I need to close my business for the photoshoot?

No, we can work around your schedule (and you). Obviously if it’s quieter then there are fewer people to work around so we can usually complete the required photos faster. We aim to be as non-disruptive as possible, we don’t require special lighting or setup so you can continue your normal business operations.
Even so, it’s a good idea to let your customers know that photography is taking place so that they can try to avoid being in view of the camera.

How long does the photoshoot take?

This is completely dependant on the number of image locations within the premises, a small premises should take about an hour. Obviously the larger the premises and the more photos we need to take then the longer the shoot will be.

Do I have to show all of my premises?

No, we will discuss with you which areas of your business you would like to highlight or exclude.
The aim is to photograph the business so that is gives a good representation of what your customers would expect to see if they visited your business on a normal day.

Will people be included in the photoshoot?

Ideally we will have no people in the photos but this is obviously not always possible, so we aim to keep the number of people visible to a minimum. We will blur out any faces (and car number plates) in line with Google’s privacy policy.

Do I need to clean my premises?

You don’t have to but remember your premises will be visible to the world, so it would be a good idea to have things look as you would want them.

Can I have a repeat photoshoot?

Yes, please contact us and we can coordinate a repeat photoshoot. Should you renovate your interior, for example, or be set up for seasonal decor.